Offer – nesting materials

Among all the existing types of nesting materials, most of the solitary bees (eg Osmia bicornis, O. cornuta, O. caerulescens, Anthidium manicatum, Megachile rotundata...) prefer to build their nests in the tubes of natural reed (Phragmites australis).

What makes them so attractive?


Reed tubes have endless variety in diameter and lenght. Bee can choose what it likes the most.

Every tube is different – that is what makes it easier for a bee to remember her tube.

The best moisture regulation for larva and cocoon.

Thick walls provide protection against parasitic wasp.

Easy to open to control pests and mites infestation.

Reed is completely biodegradable material.

Company Cornuta produces high-quality reed tubes customized for cavity nesting solitary bees. Tubes are shipped to your address in cardboard boxes, ready to be installed in your bee-houses.

Two types of reed tubes for sale:


One-sided tubes


- opened on one side, other is closed by node
- lenght: 13 - 17 cm
- diameter : 6 - 11 mm
- min. order quantity: 2500 tubes
- price: 0,05 EUR/tube

Double-sided tubes


- opened on both sides, node is in the middle
- lenght: 22 - 33 cm
- diameter: 6 - 11 mm
- min. order quantity: 1250 tubes
- price: 0,07 EUR/tube

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